Adventures of Noah

Discover and enjoy the Adventures of Noah. A puppy named Noah tells about life as he knows it and then one incredible thing happens to him....

I call the book ‘Adventures’ because they are more ‘Adventures’ to come. I plan to make his life into a little series (if you will). It’s a true story and I plan to tell his ‘journey’ (if you will), for probably 5 or 6 more books to come. Maybe even more, because they are Children’s Books. I’m working on the second book right now. I’m hoping to have it out sometime in 2022.

This is a true story of how we adopted Noah from a rescue shelter. So far, plenty of readers have enjoyed the story and for new readers, I hope you will too. Please, buy Noah’s book, the format of your choice and enjoy his journey. He’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, now also on Tiktok & Pinterest. Simply look up ‘Adventures of Noah’ or something to that affect. He’s got fans on all social media’s.

Come along with us and enjoy his adventures and see what all of the buz is about. Several children, parents, people in general have really enjoyed his book, several reviews have said, they hope we continue his ‘Adventures’ to see what Noah is up to, they’ve also said, it becomes their child/children’s favorite bedtime story. Come along with us & buy your favorite format and join him in his Adventures…..

About The Author

She gives back to her community.  She volunteers for a rescue organization that helps the abandoned, abused & neglected dogs & cats.  Animals simply want …… read More


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